Helping You Have a Strong Relationship With Your 
Dog is My Top Priority
My mission is to help you develop an unbreakable bond with your dog and build a relationship of love and mutual respect. I believe in utilizing positive reinforcement, structure and good, clear communication between you and your dog to achieve the finest results.

Just as every person is unique, every dog is unique for many reasons: breed, age, appearance, genetics, environment, past experiences and general personality. For this reason, I believe in customizing dog training programs that fit your dog and your lifestyle.

I also believe in giving back!! I am partnered with local rescue organizations to give back where I can. I am continuously giving back to our community, our military and pets in need.


Video Training Calls Available!!

Virtual dog training sessions offer several benefits for both dog owners and their furry companions. Here are some key advantages:

Convenience: Virtual training sessions eliminate the need for travel, saving time and effort. Dog owners can participate from the comfort of their homes, which is especially beneficial for those with busy schedules, limited mobility, or living in remote areas.

Flexibility: Virtual sessions provide greater flexibility in scheduling. Dog owners can choose a time that suits them best, including evenings or weekends. This flexibility allows individuals to fit training into their routines without significant disruptions.

Personalized Attention: In virtual sessions, trainers can focus more on individual dogs and their specific needs. With fewer distractions and a controlled environment, trainers can give personalized attention to each dog and tailor the training program accordingly. This individualized approach can lead to more effective results.

Reduced Stress: Some dogs may feel anxious or stressed in unfamiliar environments or around other dogs. Virtual training allows dogs to remain in a familiar, comfortable setting, reducing stress and facilitating a more positive learning experience.

Cost-effective: Virtual training sessions often have lower costs compared to in-person sessions. Dog owners save on travel expenses and may find more affordable training options as trainers don't need to account for travel time or venue rental costs.

Safety: For dogs that may have health issues or behavior problems, virtual training provides a safe alternative. Owners can work with their dogs without worrying about potential conflicts with other animals or exposure to contagious illnesses.

Enhanced Focus: In a virtual session, there are fewer distractions compared to group classes or busy training facilities. Dogs can concentrate better on the training tasks, resulting in improved learning outcomes.

Remote Expertise: Virtual training allows dog owners to access trainers or behavior specialists who may not be available locally. This broadens the options for finding experienced professionals and gaining access to specialized training knowledge.

COVID-19 Adaptability: In times of social distancing or lock-downs, virtual training sessions are an ideal solution to continue training without compromising safety.

It's important to note that virtual training sessions may not be suitable for every dog or training scenario. Some dogs may benefit more from in-person interactions and socialization. Additionally, certain training exercises or behavior assessments may require physical presence. Consulting with a professional dog trainer can help determine the most appropriate training approach for individual circumstances.

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