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Freshman Class:
Puppy Obedience
-Crate Training 
-Manners (nipping, staying off
     counters and furniture)
-Chewing on furniture & people
-Improving communication, attention,       motivation, and focus
-Basic commands, i.e., sit, down,      
     stand, leave it, drop it wait, stay     
     and come
-Teeth Brushing

For puppies under 5 months of age.
Sophomore Class:
Level 1 Obedience
Foundational obedience behaviors like sit, down, leave it, drop it, go to place, stay, and come when called.  Beginning basic leash skills.

 For dogs ages 5 months and up.
Junior Class:
Level 2 Obedience
This level builds upon your dog's foundational obedience behaviors like sit, down, leave it, stay, and come when called by adding Distance, Distraction, & Duration. Improving leave it past items on the ground. 
Improving overall leash technique including better Loose Leash Walking with stop-sits, sitting for polite greetings, heel in a crowd, and more. Your dog will now be prepared for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) exam.

 For dogs ages 5 months and up.
Senior Class:
Level 3 Obedience
This level takes your dog's obedience on the road. It is designed to teach your dog to heel by your side in a public setting, emergency stops, and add distance plus distractions to all their behaviors.

 For dogs ages 5 months and up.
Graduate Program:
Service Dog Training
Price Varies
Every service dog must be trained in tasking skills specific to the handler’s disability and in public access skills. ADA regulations state that service dogs also must be house-trained and under control at all times in public.

*All foundational obedience skills must be demonstrated.

Behavioral Issues
-Pulling on leash
-Bolting through doorways
-Excessive barking
-Jumping on furniture
-Desensitization to common sounds
-Dog and human aggression
-Resource guarding
-Barking or lunging to dogs or people        while on walks
-Building confidence
Walk and Train
$40/Half Hour or $75/Hour
Not everyone has the luxury of coming home in the middle of a work day to let their beloved dog out. I would love to spend some time walking and doing some light training exercises with your dog to ensure a happy and healthy pup when you get home from work.
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